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Posted by: | on April 5, 2014

At the moment, it’s a lot of “where to begin”. I should probably try and work out what items I even want to put where to lessen how much I need of each. You can’t put too many decorations afterall (Up to 30 each in your room (27 counting wallpaper/flooring and bed) and in your Cafe…though, it’s more like 25 in your Cafe since wallpaper, flooring, tables, chairs, and counter count and you have to have all of those…regardless, it’s still really small when you have so much space) unfortunately :/

Of course, a very good place to start is with the Daytime favors:
-Resident wanted Winnie the Pooh Ears for an Easter Flowerpot Recipe. 😀 I quickly ran over to see if I could make it and I can! Though, I’m not sure I will right away… It requires a Big Ol’ Sunflower and a Rainbow Clover which are both rare and I only have 2 of… It only costs 40K to make but yeah @-@

It may be a while, sorry flowerpot 🙁
-Resident wanted 2 Polkadot Tulips for Pink Ribbon Tape
-Fairy Godmother 5 Dove Feathers for a Stardust Rhinestone. Dove Feathers are one of those Cinderella items that hate me so I only have 1… 🙁
-Resident wanted 3 Crystal Plates
-Jasmine needed 2 Roc Feathers.

I also randomly held a Wonderland party:

The White Rabbit showed up :3

It was then card trading time <3 I managed to get two new cards so yay 😀 Plus a new greeting!:
“Turn and Raise Hand” … pictures really isn’t enough so GIF TIME:


I then went and did the Castleton Dungeon a few times to try and work towards the Fountains I wanted for obvious reasons because Fountains are awesome and everyone should love them. I managed to get enough for now, but I’m still worried I’ll end up needing more… Regardless, I went and made my 2nd fountain 😀 Just one more to go!

With that set, I decided to head to Wonderland as I need to get more Royal Roses and a Heart Spear for various things @-@ Plus, one of the two fish I still need are in Wonderland.

While I didn’t have much luck getting the items I need, I did get the fish!:

I feel so small…

I also got lucky getting the Heart Spear from the chest so yay T~T It was off to make the next Wonderland wand!

It also hit 5PM 😀 So evening favor time!:
-Yen sid wants 3 Royal Platinum Bubbles still.
-Resident wanted Exotic Coffee
-Louie wanted a Stubby Maple Log. After helping, he asked for a picture 😀

-Resident wanted 10 Bright White Rose
-Resident wanted 3 Four-Leaf Clover

Besides that, going through my inventory I’ve noticed there’s still a lot of clothes and furniture I’m missing–including furniture I’ve gotten as gifts that I never learned to make. Makes me wonder just how many other things I may want.

I was about to go back to Wonderland when I realized I technically had everything for the best Wonderland outfit now so I decided to make a quick pitstop first.

Too bad the hair isn’t optional.

Sadly, I didn’t have any luck getting more Black Rose Seeds :/ And the stage is pretty long so I decided to try and easier course to see if I could maybe at least get White Rose Seeds even if they’d require more work to get Royal/Gold ones from them. I did remember I had cards to still trade though so I made a quick pit-stop before heading back. Sadly, trading didn’t go well
Yay! I finally caught all the fish 😀

It was then back off to Wonderland. Now if only my luck was better Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! 😀

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