4th set of Nintendo Zone items released today!

Posted by: | on May 30, 2014

Yep, if you can pause from playing Mario Kart 8, head over to your local Nintendo Zone to be sure to download the new set of items 🙂 These feature some nice decorations plus give you the recipe for them (as you’ll want to make a few more Fish Bowls to get the Combo) and the recipe for an item you can only get if you make it!

The lovely items:

Puppet Maker Wood Shelf:

Cute Goldfish Bowl:

Cute Mini Goldish Bowl:

Ornamental Pendulum Clock: – This is the 4th item the Recipe gives 🙂

^So cute. I had prepared for the Goldfish Bowl, but didn’t know about this and now I’m sad I don’t have anywhere for a permanent use for it T~T

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