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Posted by: | on April 1, 2014

So, I made sure to log on early before heading out to check for the Morning Favors:
-Dale wanted 3 Beefy Acorns.
-Snow White now in Castleton:

She wanted Dwarf Cleaning Supplies… I don’t even know what those are. Thankfully, she gave me a recipe! And I was able to make it 😀 So I ran back over to her. I got to take a photo with her as thanks!:

-Resident wanted a Fluffy Dandelion
-Resident wanted to see me in a Western outfit.
-Resident wanted 2 mini Apples
It was nice to be able to complete them all today!

Managed to get the last Pete card I needed from Pete (now if only I could get a picture with him!) I mostly got a lot of extra cards, but it was nice getting some new ones too and this just meant I had a lot to trade. I also noticed Dale seems to constantly want to take a photo with me and I’m not sure why… Regardless, card trades went well and new greeting unlocked!:

“Spread Hands Apart”

I then mostly just gardened when I had free moments until I got home where Evening had hit and it was time to see what new tasks and store items awaited me:
-Louie needed a Stubby Maple Log.
-Resident wanted 3 Dogbane
-Resident wanted 10 Cracked Bricks
-Resident wanted 5 Wiggly Willow Branches
-Yen Sid wanted
I ended up just doing Louie’s and the Resident who wanted the bricks… The other residents wanted rarer things for very simple stuff and right now, I just need the rarer things. Yen Sid’s was asking for stuff I didn’t have in return for items I already have quite a bit of so…

While working on a video, I decided to do another Beauty and the Beast party.

Only Chip and Mrs. Potts showed up though 🙁 I do love them, but I was hoping to get characters I hadn’t seen yet!

With that set, I went around collecting the cards I could and then went off to trade. Got a few more new cards so yay 😀 It also gave me enough new cards for another new greeting!:


Other gifs I’ve made:

And that was it for today–short day today, but anxiously looking forward to tomorrow!

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! 😀

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