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Posted by: | on April 5, 2014

Upon opening my 3DS today, I saw the blue light and was excited to see who may be visiting today. I had saved in the 100 Acre Wood though so I took care of my plants first.

I also picked up favors on the way over to greet the person’s arrival:
-Resident wanted 10 Bright White Rose
-Louie needed a Stubby Maple Log
-Scrooge wanted 5 Inky Bubbles
-Resident wanted 3 Wibbly-Wobbly Spoons. I really should try and get this done–I need Polished Silverware and I’ve had no luck getting it from the Castleton Dungeons.
-Resident wanted 3 Crystal Plates

Pete was in town today, but sadly not with a favor 🙁 Makes me sad I wasn’t able to do one of his favors sooner… Regardless, with all favors grabbed it was time to see the customer of the day!

Hi Mel :3

I then went off to trade cards <3 And managed to get 3 new ones 😀 Plus a new greeting!:
“Hop, Hop, Hop”

It was then off to the Cafe to put up some new dishes. Out of the recipes I have (I still have 3 Easter ones I need to get recipes for…), the following are ones I still haven’t been able to create:
Olympus’ Mighty Moussaka – Need a Spooky Carrot
Starfall Terrines – Need Wishing Herbs and a Milky Way Mushroom (will be stopping in Cinderella’s World for stuff…)
Made-to-Order Pancakes – Primegrain Fruit, Royal Rose, Rainbow Honey
Happy Herbal Tea – Wishing Herbs
All-Natural Acorn Smoothie – Wishing Herbs
True Love Rose Ice Tea – Wishing Herbs, Royal Rose
Sweet Daisy Shortcake Wishing Herbs
Tricolor Candle Petits Fours – Wishing Herbs
Gold Bar Brownie – Primegrain Fruit, Starfall Radish (having an awful time growing another…)
Saturn’s Rings Donut – Primegrain Fruit, Starfall Radish

I was able to make one new recipe though!:

It doesn’t really look like a Cactus Churro though…

I managed to get a Mushroom quick enough so next it was hoping for Wishing Herb (or even better, a seed). Sadly, it seems only the very last mission gives out the Wishing Herb Seeds which isn’t fun… I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same thing with the Rainbow Clover seeds in Wonderland X__x

I decided to just do the map with Wishing Herbs first in hopes of getting some of the rare fish so I can make the best Cinderella Quest Outfit to help with the hardest episode. Unfortunately, my luck was terrible and I ended up with just one and no special fish gem T~T

I had better luck with the hardest mission though–first item I got was the seed.

After a long painful journey, I finished it and planted my new seed.

It also hit 5PM so new favors!:
-Hercules wanted 3 Sunny Herbs
-Resident wanted 3 Emerald Bubbles. He gave me a “Colorful Egg: Stars”:

-Resident wanted 1 Greenwood Log.
-Snow White wanted 7 Robust Cloth
-Resident wanted Teeny-Weeny Mushroom

While Scrooge’s Shop didn’t have any new Easter stuff, I did manage to get some nice new clothes and a the Mini Cinderella Castle Ornament! 😀 Eeee <3 I would've taken a picture, but I bought it too fast in excitement. In my room!:
Soooo cute T~T Not necessarily final placement (or that it’ll be kept there specifically), but I definitely want it somewhere.

I also made a new cafe recipe:

Card trading sadly didn’t go well–I got all doubles 🙁 So no new greeting. But maybe tomorrow!

That was really it for today though <3 I may try Wonderland tonight though for the Rainbow Clover Seed... Plus checking my garden later too :3 And maybe making the last fountain I need! Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! 😀

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