No more DLC & Scarce Updates

Posted by: | on April 6, 2015

You may have noticed I didn’t update on April 1st. I wanted to try and give it a bit just incase it could be late, but there has still been no new DLC for the game and as Japan is no longer doing DLC, something tells me we are not receiving any DLC anymore. We have received everything Japan gets so it’s pretty much a matter of nothing else being developed for the game which is disappointing. There are so many items and themes that do not belong to a set and so many areas of the game that could easily be expanded. This is truly a game that could’ve been wonderful and has so many options for more DLC–it’s a shame they won’t ever be taken.

That said, with no new content the blog will come to an end at some point and updates will be scarce. Other than having to make certain items, I’ve pretty much completed the game. I have all the recipes, my cafe has been finished for ages, I have all the medals, I’ve gotten every photo, my card album is complete, etc. The only reason to keep going is for completion sake at this point.

Regardless, the game is still a good game. I just wish they continued with it.

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