The second day

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While I sadly didn’t get to complete some favors (Had no luck getting the seed Mickey wanted for Minnie, couldn’t get enough bricks from Cinderella’s world from one person, and Louie I’m pretty sure had a riddle referring to Alice’s land which I haven’t unlocked yet), I did have a lot of new stuff waiting for me this morning, including some new visitors!

Pete is much more popular in Japan compared to the US–he’s not the only character like that either. Regardless, it’s nice seeing these characters again!

Important Note: I received this game from Nintendo! Thank you, Nintendo! <3

I also had enough materials to complete the Chef outfit for the next Cafe task:

And with another rank, I was able to make more recipes and unlock more tasks!:

With all the Ace Assembles (full sets of an outfit) I had made, I even earned three more stickers 😀 Letting me unlock more clothes and furniture I could make plus the Fortune Shop. And also let me take my second photo!:

I need better greetings so she stops looking so still–waving just ends up with her covering her face, frantic has her looking crazy, and bowing makes it so she’s looking down 😛

Yay for unlocking things <3
Having so many points, I bought all the sparkles!

Eeeee 😀

I also learned another greeting:

Call Out! 😀

And then I spent all my money making this:

It’s not an Ace Assemble, but I really like it.

I then ran off to try the next episode in Cinderella’s World.

I wish my ponytail showed up under my hat though… even though I do tuck my ponytails up in my hats like that BUT NOT ALL MY HATS sometimes maybe. (I stick it through the back of baseball caps!) Regardless, after finishing…

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 And I got invited to the ball!

After leaving, I saw Pooh flying by from a red balloon!

He opened up the Hundred Acre Woods 😀 Now I can garden!

I love the music here.

Waterfall! <3

I love this area T~T

And with that, Pooh was successfully rescued <3 And after finishing episode 1...
Yay! 😀

I really love the themed recipes:

And with that, I held my first party!

Plus, another thing unlocked!

I then noticed Alice standing outside and well…

And even though I shouldn’t have been, I was somehow still surprised.

I then paused from the World as I soon hit 30 Stickers and I wanted to go unlock things!

IT’S BEAUTIFUL. And now I have a room! T~T <3

At this point, there’s so much I can do, I started finding it hard to decide. I have episodes I can do in Cinderella’s area, Alice’s area, Pooh’s area, and Genie had shown up to unlock Aladdin’s!

It was then off to get the Desert Clothes Recipe!

After, I noticed I collected enough cards for another greeting!


Then, I went to check on my flowers and well…

Oh, Pooh…

I then visited some people’s cafes randomly!

I then paused for a bit 🙂 Although, it wasn’t long before I started working more on episodes. Plus working on making new things in the cafe <3 Which lead to my second party!
It’s too bad Lilo wasn’t there too! Regardless, parties are a ridiculous way to make money as you get 5K per combo and all your food instantly sells out. This also got me my 35th sticker! And got me to level 7 😀

I found the favors this evening much easier than yesterday which was nice… except for Donald’s–he wanted something from a rare fish in Aladdin’s land. I haven’t gotten too far there yet so I’m not sure how it’ll go. For now, I went back to Cinderella’s World…

If only the dress was pink. Everything would be perfect.

I am so bad at this minigame. I want the pink dresses some people were wearing. With that, I was off.

This finished up Cinderella’s world until I earn a few more stickers too <3 And then the best thing happened...
PRETTY DRESSES. I can not decide on which one to wear. I also must get Dove Feathers and Silk Thread for the hair accessories and shoes. Too bad the latter can only be bought from Scrooge’s place and I already bought his supply and used it for something else 🙁

SHE EVEN PICKS UP THE DRESS WHEN SHE RUNS. <3 With Cinderella's area done for now, I headed to the next area I had unlocked--Pooh's! Of course, one of the jobs there had me running over to Wonderland to find some spoons to make a Honey Pot...
Still not too fond of the dungeons (since I’m so bad), but I love the cute little underground hidden ladder areas. The special boost from the gift ghosts helps a lot though!

And then after that, I realized I do have a crown!:

Eeee <3 It was then I headed back to Pooh to give him his newly made honey pot! And then he wanted to take a picture T~T <3
T~T <3 <3 <3 <3 And he wasn't the only one who wanted a picture...

And we built a bridge 😀

I went to Aladdin’s area a bit earlier than planned to try to clear out some quests to finally get one with a fishing hole… Definitely some of the crueler ghosts in those
Sadly, still no Lilo! I did manage to unlock more recipes and things in the process though which is always nice <3 Of course, I still can't seem to get a sandwich dish... It seems two of my Cafe favors probably won't get finished--just don't have what they want yet. In the meantime, I also unlocked a new pose!
“Cutesy Pose” …I don’t think it’s very cute, but oh well. I also received the Spellbound Pose:

I think that one’s cuter.

With a new wand and new quest outfit made for Aladdin’s world and an area unlocked with a fishing hole, it was time to see if I could get what Donald wanted! To my surprise, it was the first fish I caught that had it. Yay T~T And catching that new fish allowed me to hit 40 Stickers! And completing said quest got me to 41! While I wasn’t too interested in any clothing I unlocked, I really liked a lot of the furniture. Ended up saving a lot of recipes so I’d know when I can make them.

I also handed over the item Donald wanted to receive a recipe for a better rod! Sadly, it also needs Sturdy Thread so I won’t be able to make it until tomorrow at the earliest… With that quest done though, I decided I’d stop for the night <3 I'm looking forward to playing more tomorrow! P.S. As a bonus note on dungeons, I like how it automatically will change you back into your outfit when it's over. It's nice to not have to worry about specifically changing into something for something and then changing back. P.P.S. The Swirly Wrap counts as a sandwich :3

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