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I hope there’s nothing else that is ever as expensive as that Treasure Chest–not sure I’ll ever be able to save up that much again. You know, unless my terrible luck with items continues.

Daytime Favors for 5/3:
-Donald wanted a Whimsical Emerald Bubble
-Resident wanted 3 Wibbly Wobbly Spoons
-Resident wanted 3 Four-Leaf Clovers
-The Fairy Godmother wanted 5 Dove Feathers
-No 3rd resident task? O-o

Evening favors for 5/3:
-Resident wanted 2 Polkadot Tulip
-Jack wanted a Pirate Eyepatch (New recipe!)
-Peter Pan wanted 3 Roc’s Feather
-Resident wanted 3 Emerald Bubbles
-Resident wanted 5 Honey

New cards for 5/3:
Pirates of the Caribbean 1
Pirates of the Caribbean 2

I also noticed Jack hanging out in Castleton today:

Daytime favors for 5/4:
-Peter Pan wanted 3 Roc’s Feathers. He wanted to take a picture after!:

-Resident wanted 3 Diamond Bubbles
-Resident wanted 15 Golden Sand
-Resident wanted 15 Big Logs
-Bashful wanted 1 Magma Stone. Then he wanted to take a picture!:

Evening favors for 5/4:
-Resident wanted 1 Snowbell
-Resident wanted 3 Rockcandy Rock
-Resident wanted 2 Golden Honey
-Prince Charming a Full-length Mirror
-Stitch wanted a new surfboard

New cards for 5/4:
Lady and the Tramp 04

Daytime favors for 5/5:
-Resident wanted 2 Mini Apples
-Daisy wanted a Four Leaf Clover
-Resident wanted an Oasis Dogbane
-Resident wanted 3 Crystal Plates
-Aladdin wanted a Water Jug

I also tried to hold a Wonderland Party in my continued quest for medals! I failed, but the Cheshire Cat showed up:

Evening favors for 5/5:
-Resident wanted a Greenwood Log
-Donald wanted Barley Fruit
-Dale wanted Slippery Bark
-Resident wanted Oasis Dogbane
-Resident wanted 3 Diamond Bubbles

And the Cheshire Cat was now in Castleton!:

New cards for 5/5:
Snow White 05

Daytime favors for 5/6:
-Cinderella wanted 1 Honey
-Mickey wanted 3 Slippery Bark
-Resident wanted 5 Yellow Citrus
-Resident wanted 3 Rockcandy Rock
And there was no 3rd Resident request…

Evening favors for 5/6:
-Resident wanted 2 Golden Honey
-Fairy Godmother wanted 5 Dove Feathers
-Dewey gave me the same riddle as always.
-Resident wanted 3 Four-Leaf Clovers
-Resident wanted 10 Bright White Rose

New cards for 5/6:
Minnie Mouse 05
Donald Duck 05

Daytime favors for 5/7:
-Pete wanted 3 Red Card Soldier Paint
-Resident wanted 3 Dogbane
-Resident wanted 3 Emerald Bubbles
-Resident wanted 3 Ruby Bubbles
-Dewey needed a Warped Willow Branch

Evening favors for 5/7:
-Resident wanted 5 Wiggly Willow Branch
-Resident wanted 3 Pearl Bubbles
-Resident wants 2 Golden Honey
-Scrooge wanted a Sapphire Bubble
-No 5th favor today~

New cards for 5/7:
Goofy 05

Daytime favors for 5/8:
-Resident wanted 3 Rockcandy Rock
-Aladdin wanted 3 Oasis Dogbane. We also took a picture!:

-Resident wanted 15 Golden Sands
-Resident wanted 3 Mystery Moth Scales
-Louie needed help with Dewey’s riddle.

Evening favors for 5/8:
-Resident wanted 15 Big Logs
-Daisy wanted a Collection Rack
-Resident wanted 15 Grace Lily
-Resident wanted 1 Snowbell
-Genie wanted a Spooky Carrot

New cards for 5/8:
Castleton 04

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! 😀

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