Cinderella Cafe Medal earned!

Posted by: | on June 28, 2014

After several goes through the forest near Cinderella’s Castle, I finally got some Milky Way Mushrooms. I wasn’t expecting it, but my next party brought some luck!

I was so excited T~T

I started to run off so quickly, I actually forgot to end the party! After properly ending it, I quickly headed to go make the Secret Wand.

Cinderella’s Secret Wand is actually my favorite of the secret wands and my second favorite wand overall (with Minnie’s in third).

As for what medals I still need for Secret Wands…:
Aladdin Medal
Mickey Medal
Donald Medal
Goofy Medal (Western Theme)

Plus extra ones for clothing/furniture (I wonder if these items are purple due to what is used or if they can be gifted…):
Minnie Medal x3 – Minnie Hood in all 3 colors/style
^Will be saved for last as I need lots of clothes still. Most other rare things need the rare bubbles or in the case of one particular outfit, a giant carrot XP

On a different note though, I find myself more surprised by the region locking in this game each day. Tomodachi Life was not region locked and many regional stuff was changed and a large amount removed (Takoyaki T___T) so it still seems like such an odd choice…

I can still keep dreaming it’ll change somehow. Along with dreaming for more character packs–while it’s unlikely (they aren’t in the credits after all), considering you can get theme combos from the following due to their outfits and some accessories…:
Chip & Dale
The Little Mermaid
It’d be neat to see character packs (or even new worlds–and this goes for any character that is in the game without a world) for them. And heck, even maybe just some Cafe thing for Castleton-themed stuff (The outfits you get from visiting cafes and a few others) and Goofy deserves his own Cafe theme honestly XP

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! 😀 If you are interested in Disney Magical World, you may want to look into picking it up!

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