Let’s talk DLC! (Episode 1)

Posted by: | on April 11, 2014

So, now that the game is officially out in North America, some DLC is out!

“The Shiny Mickey Headband”

Price: Free! 😀 It’s a little hard to tell, but they actually glow a bit.

“Casual Easter T-Shirt”

Price: Free! 😀

“Seasonal Set Easter” – This comes with a Cheshire Cat Hood Recipe, a Red Rose Potted Plant Recipe, and an extra episode in Wonderland: “Easter Egg Hunt!”

Price: $1

“Mickey Egg & Minnie Egg”

Price: Free! 😀

“Sleeping Beauty Set” – This comes with Aurora Dress, Prince Phillip Attire, Sleeping Woods Wallpaper/Flooring/Ornament, and then the recipes for the Aurora Dress, Prince Phillip Atire Recipe, Sleeping Woods Set Recipe (15 items) and all the food recipes (6 items)

I don’t know which tapestry I like more T~T

Price: $2

And a video showing off the DLC!:

Since I didn’t make everything (and thus, not everything is shown above), I do recommend watching to see everything!

I also made sure to patch my game to version 1.1 <3 Unfortunately, it seems the region locking is still there :/ Which makes me quite sad. Regardless, welcome to all new players!:

P.S. I am now very undecided about my outfit because Aurora’s dress T~T

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! 😀

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