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Fifth Day <3

Today, I decided to try taking it a bit slower and just focus on a few things. The game has a lot to do and a large amount of content–despite having more than half the total stickers already, the stickers don’t even get close to just how much there is to do if you feel like completing the game.

Despite taking it slow, I ended up getting a new sticker for creating 50 Dishes after restocking the Cafe! Yay! Unfortunately, the tasks for the Cafe are rather difficult today so it’s likely I won’t be getting them done… Although, Cafe Requests from Residents just fill the party meter faster and I have that full anyway…

While I may not be able to get those done, I can still see what people needed out in the town:
-Resident wanted 15 Golden Sand in return for a Greek Mini Flowerpot… While you can only get the Flowerpot from helping the Residents out, I only had 13/15 Golden Sand… I might be able to get the rest, but I only have a few hours left to do so.
-Resident wanted Exotic Coffee for 3 Crown Milkberry Seeds–I actually still have seeds so I’m not sure if I should do the trade or not…
-Resident wanted 3 Wibbly-Wobbly Spoons for Polished Silverware. Most of the Beauty & The Beast themed items use Polished Silverware, so I can definitely use more, but I only have 2/3 Spoons so I’ll have to get more of them…
-Pete needs more Red Paint and offered me more White Cocoaberry Seeds.
-Yen Sid wants 3 Sand of Truth in return for a Legendary Sorcerer’s Medal… I don’t have any Sand of Truth, but I already have one of the Medals… which I can’t even use yet.

With all the favors I can get for now picked up, I went to see the King. I still needed to get 2 more cards for a new greeting from the Chancellor, but I had some cards to trade to the Chamberlain. I managed to get Aladdin 09 which got me my 62nd Sticker for getting a Rare Card from him! I still have 1 extra card, but I need to get 2 more before I can trade again. Hitting 62 Stickers though means I’m just one away from unlocking the next part of the “story” in 100 Acre Woods–before I hopped over there to check on my garden though, I decided to check Scrooge’s shop and also the shops in Aladdin’s area first. (And bought more sparkles because sparkles)

I knew the Hercules theme was expensive, but I didn’t realize just HOW expensive… The flower pot cost 88K… I ended up picking it up regardless as I know it’s going to take a good while to get everything… I so want those fountains though.

As a bonus, I’ve also uploaded some stuff to my Youtube Channel. I’m starting with stuff from when I started, but I’ll try and get recent stuff up soon. It’s mostly short clips, but it should be nice to see things moving over just the static shots :3

One of the things I love about 100 Acre Woods is they will help you out–a few times now I’ve come in and they’ve been watering my garden and pulling weeds and it’s just so nice. I even got a few rare seeds from harvesting today!

I then decided to head back to Cinderella’s World–afterall, I just need one more Amethyst Gem for whenever Donald’s fishing rod favor shows back up… I decided to give the *** Masquerade a try and to my surprise, I completed it on my first shot! Yay! I even managed to get two Amethyst Bubbles while in a quest with a pond.

Upon visiting Daisy to see if I could make anything, I was surprised to see she wanted to take another picture…

Unfortunately, even with stuff I have materials for it’s out of my budget…

Thus, I went off to the Cafe to pick up some of my earnings and make some new dishes.

It’s going to be so hard to narrow down my favorites when I work on making the Cafe how I want it and stop catering to themes…

I still need various basic stuff so I decided to head back to some of the early episodes of Cinderella and Wonderland. Before that though, I stopped by the Castle for a new greeting.

“Happy Smile”

I sadly had to stop playing for several hours so everything had flipped over by the time I picked it back up. Thankfully, this game does real time well. Nobody gets upset with you or guilt trips you because you messed up a task, nobody criticizes you, there’s no hidden friendship bars that are plummeting as we speak–everything is okay.

As for the tasks this evening:
-Donald showed back up so I was able to give him the Amethyst Bubbles for the Rod. Unfortunately, the rod needs an item I can only get from completing a task and I haven’t gotten one yet…
-A Resident wanted 15 Grace Lilies in return for a Sailor Hat Lamp–I had 68 onhand so I quickly turned that in.
-Aladdin wants me to get a costume of Genie made for him in return for a Royal Sapphire… I’m not sure if I have the items to make it though. At least I know I have it unlocked. …and yeah, items are from Aladdin episodes I haven’t done yet so.
-Pete wanted a Bright White Rose in return for a Bony Crystal–I had 3 so I gave him one.
-The Resident who wanted to see a Western Outfit showed back up… Sadly, I only have one unlocked and I don’t have any of the things to make it. I might get lucky and get one from Cafe visiting though.

I also unlocked another greeting!:

“Prim Pose” T~T I just want to curtsy
I wish I could have one of those balloons… As far as I can tell, there aren’t any hand items other than the wands when you are in a “Dungeon” Episode. I kind of feel this is a missed opportunity–I’d love to be able to run around with a balloon or like one of the UniBEARsity dolls in my room. Or maybe even just carry some of the items I found.

Anyway, I decided to go to Aladdin’s World for a bit–it’s the one I have the least done and I really need to get it up as many things require stuff from here. Unfortunately, my first go involved me being defeated and failing 🙁 Thankfully (and something I honestly didn’t expect), I actually got to keep most of what I earned so far. I ran back to see if I could make a better quest outfit yet and surprisingly, I did finally have enough so I did. Yay! Unfortunately, I didn’t for a better wand.

While there, I stopped by the Cafe and held a party. Belle and the Beast showed up!

I also received my 63rd sticker for getting a picture with Beast!

It was then off to replant things in the garden and while there, I decided to start the next story part.

I WILL DO MY BEST, PIGLET T~T <3 It won't be done growing for 2 and a half hours so I'll probably do other things until it's growing (though, still check in to water of course!)... After 2 more tries, I finally was able to beat that Aladdin Episode @-@ I wish I was better at them. I went back off to Cinderella's World to try and earn more things for more stuff such as...
TIARA 😀 I wish I could change the hair scrunchie color through…

Anyway, I then twirled back over to Aladdin’s World:

Unfortunately, I still have no luck when it comes to trying to get specific items… but I don’t think I should try anything harder until I get better gear.

I stopped back to make a better wand (now that I finally could), but also realized Piglet’s seed should be ready now.

Finally, it could be harvested <3
With a group effort, we got it out of the ground!

Before heading back to Aladdin’s area to try a few more of the earlier episodes, I decided to do the next two episodes in the 100 Acre Woods as they tend to go quickly. With those done, it seems I have completed all the episodes there. T~T At least I can always replay them.

On my way to Yen Sid to make my wand, I stopped by the cafe to make some new food to serve and decorate my room. I even had a new present for me–Naptime Herbs.

<3 To my surprise, while working on decorating my room I received another present! A Peacock Feather. And another... Flexible Bark @-@ And yet another! Sheesh, I've never gotten more than one a day before until now. This one had Rubber Leaves. But yes, my Room at the moment:
I’m more or less happy with it–I want to get a pink table and move that table somewhere else in the room (Possibly next to the camel statue). I know I really want a fountain… And if there’s a Piano besides the Snow White one (if not, I’ll use that one), it’ll be going to the left of the Fire Place. I also really hope there’s a pink canopy bed that I can use instead. But yeah, I expect to have more trinkets and stuff in. I’ll have a hard time choosing between the wallpaper I am using and the one that comes with Marie’s DLC pack (if that comes over–I hope it does) though… I’m not too happy with the flooring, but I haven’t seen one I think will fit better (or that I really adore regardless) yet.

While I’d have liked to play more to more Broken Lamps and the Dancer’s Cloth, Aladdin’s Episodes tend to take a bit and I knew I had to head to sleep I received the game early from Nintendo! Thank you, Nintendo!

Fourth day!

I had stopped playing in the Cafe so the first thing I did was make some new dishes.

The dishes in this game are so cute T~T

I also had a new gift on my bed today:

Despite not really planning out too much, I already have developed a bit of a routine in this game–almost always starting with checking the favors everyone has and Scrooge’s shop. The favors of the morning:
-A Resident wanted Caravan Cloth in return for a Handkerchief of Bravery. I had some on me so I went ahead and helped them out.
-Daisy wanted a Four Leaf Clover. Another item I had onhand and was able to give her 😀 She gave me 2 Twinkling Buttons.
-Donald gave me the same thing of 3 Amethyst Bubbles for the Fishing Rod recipe… Something tells me he’ll just keep popping up until I complete it.
-Stitch broke stuff again and needed more Bitsy Beech Logs–thankfully, I had enough and he gave me 2 more Seashore Shellfish.
-The last Resident Request of the morning wanted a Teeny-Weeny mushroom for 3 Sweetberry Seeds… however, I only had one of the Mushroom and I still have some Sweetberries (and I believe I can get more from 100 Acre Wood Episodes) so I’m not sure if I should complete it or not.

And since it was a new day, it also meant new cards, which means new greeting!:

…and then she looks the other way… “Gaze Around”. I just want to learn to Curtsy T~T And something else cute.

I then went to go shop and received my first Secret Sticker for spending 100,000 coins at McDuck’s! 😀 There were several things I liked, but I sadly couldn’t afford any of it… Hopefully I can make lots of coins today from the Cafe. I did manage to get some new sparkles I like even more than the ones I have been using though:

Cherry Blossom Sparkles!

It was then off to the 100 Acre Wood to check on my plants and harvest stuff from the area. I feel bad for forgetting to plant flowers last night though–it helps to get other types of honey! Since I was here, I also decided to do some Episodes starting with “A Frightening Shadow”. It was up to me to find out who that Shadow was… And well, I do love playing Detective <3

It wasn’t too hard to figure out (I figured it out after just talking to Piglet), but I still had fun 😀

The next episode had me making something for Tigger. While I had all the materials for it, I was still short on money! So, I ran off to the cafe. Not everything had sold out yet, but I made 37K with what had! Yay! I quickly ran off to make the item for Tigger. After finishing, I decided to see if I could also make some stuff for my next party (I still don’t have enough Snow White stuff to get anywhere near to completing that one though for the next Gold Cafe Request)… To my surprise, Daisy wanted a picture!

It was then back to the 100 Acre Wood to give Tigger what he wanted. As thanks, Tigger wanted to take a picture 😀

With that, I finished all the episodes there until I hit 54 stickers <3 Finishing up one of the costumes I wanted to make let me hit 52 Stickers! So now I can open the other chest in the Castle... Before I did that though, I stopped by the cafe again to dress the Manager up and put out more dishes. I couldn't make them all themed, but I still hoped for the best...
And Lilo finally showed up! I hope to work on the photo section next 😀

It was then off to open the chest <3
I can now trade any 3 extra cards in return for a random card! 😀 Yay!

Hello, Mr. Chamberlain! <3 I even got another Sticker for managing to get a Super Rare Card from him! I then decided to continue my "in Unlocked Order" Episode journey and headed back to Cinderella. First, I redid an early mission so I could finally make the headband to have the Ace Apparel Princess Dress:
I think I’d like it more if it wasn’t for the headband… Maybe it’d be better with a down hairstyle, but I just think it’d be so much nicer if I could wear just the flowers instead. (Totally prefer the crown though… I wonder if there’s a Tiara in the game too…)

…1cm short T__T

With episodes getting harder, I decided to stop by to see if I could make a better wand and outfit. The new Cinderella area wand is so pretty <3

I don’t recall those being here before. Hmm…

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make a better outfit, but hopefully my new wand will help a lot. I’ll have to work more on dodging…

It’s getting to the point where I really need the better outfits and wands though… At least these are pretty ghosts.

I stopped back in Town to deliver the new recipes I had gotten to Daisy. While there, I went to the Castle and got some new greetings 😀 Blow Kiss:

and Call and Wave:

Also twirling in the castle (actually, twirling anywhere) is a lot of fun:

It was finally time for my next ball…except I didn’t have the materials needed for the outfit yet! So back off did I go 🙁 I still need 2 Moonbeam Plates and a Dove Feather. Thus, it was back to doing some earlier episode! Thankfully, I can one-shot everything. Still, it was not going well… X__x I even ended up getting a Good Luck Charm from the Fortune House–unfortunately, it didn’t seem to help. I even had over 20 red gems at the end and still no luck T__T It’s only a silver item so I wish I knew why I was having such an issue…

After about 3 hours, I finally got one! Too bad I need two
I CAN GO TO THE BALL! I wish that hairstyle was a normal ponytail instead of the side ponytail… (And as a bonus, check out my usual ballgown with the gold crown!:

Not sure which crown I like more…)

And thus, to the ball I went!:

I really want one of the pink dresses that were in the background… the next ball is the Masked Ball @-@ However, I unlocked another version of the Moonlight Ball with two stars! After…way too many tries, I finally completed it–I received a Recipe for doing so along with unlocking a *** version… I decided to check out the recipe before attempting the harder version as it’ll take me a while
Cinderella showed up 😀

Surprisingly, the *** version only took me 2 tries and even the first try was much better compared to the 2 star version… I think it’s because it had less switching around in the middle of a multi-combo of one color. Regardless, I was so happy to have finished it and this even got me another sticker! Now, it was back to the normal Monster fighting episodes… I’m not sure which I prefer. At least I have a better outfit for defense this time!

It still didn’t go as well as I’d like, but I got the recipe for the mask–let’s hope I can make it. In the meantime, I decided to check out the next tasks and things around town as everything refreshes at 5PM:
-A resident wanted Ruby Bubbles in return for a Cloudpuff Plate. While I had only one Ruby Bubble, this is the only way to get a Cloudpuff Plate so I accepted.
-A resident wanted to see me in a Western-themed outfit Ace Assemble in return for a Wanted Poster. I’ve actually never had this kind of request before. I’m not sure if I even have any unlocked…
-Dale wanted 3 Beefy Acorns–thankfully, I had a good amount and he gave me some Butterynut Seeds in return! I actually needed more for recipes so this worked out well.
-Goofy needed a Big Log again in return for Tropical Herb Seeds. That was a quick and easy task <3 -A resident wanted a Big Acorn in return for some Barley Seeds so I helped out with that too. After shopping, I headed to Daisy's and was luckily able to make the mask!
Do I look mysterious and stuff yet? Wish I could still wear a crown or something…

Mysterious Princess–on the swing:

I also managed to get enough cards to get another greeting!:

“Wave Both Hands”. I also traded cards again <3 Still have one extra, but need to get 2 more to trade again. It was then back to Cinderella's World to go to the Masquerade Ball!
I somehow managed to get a 55-combo and no misses. Even though it was one star, that is like a miracle for me. I received a Fancy Ballroom Mask Recipe and an invite to the Royal Ball. They tell me to wear anything, but I know I get more points if I wear an Ace Assemble
I like that we can customize who the helper is–I wish we could with the Manager too @-@ But oh well.

I haven’t really done much of anything in Aladdin’s World, but I need several things from it so I decided to head there next. While there, I managed to catch another fish which pushed me to 12 and got me the Pro Fisherman Sticker! Of course, once I got the item to complete the quest, it seemed every single fish had those things… I have like 7 of them now… On the bright side, I got another sticker for completing 40 episodes! Yay! Just one more until I’m at 60 😀

I find the Aladdin ones tend to be some of the longer ones–there’s a lot of traps and mechanics in each along with cutscenes inbetween that really extend the length. The Wonderland ones can be pretty long too, but moreso because of what they are rather than mechanic-based (IE: Mazes, crazy music, portals, insanity). 100 Acre Wood has the shortest ones–they can be finished rather quickly and any long ones (IE: Ones where you need to wait for a seed to grow) can usually be left and come back to later which is nice. Cinderella’s are all over the place with some Rhythm games thrown in for the Ballroom Dancing.

I took a break from Aladdin’s World shortly after (no wonder I have like nothing done) to head back to the 100 Acre Wood as Owl’s Seed should’ve finished growing.

Not only did it finish, but I received more land to grow things in and got another sticker for growing 40 types of Crops! This gets me to 60 which means more things to unlock! 😀

Before going on the unlock journey, I decided to do another episode here–this time I needed to help Eeyore find his tail!

This game just has all these little details that me feel all warm and fuzzy and my heart dance with joy T~T <3 With that solved and a few more harvesting and planting, it was off to unlock things! New furniture I hope to get eventually: Heart Phone, Daisy Round Stool, Collection Rack, Hook's Pirate Ship Ornament (And while not in any rush to build them besides party themeness, the Peter Pan Wallpaper and Flooring are really nicely done) There weren't any clothes that interested me this time around which is probably a good thing--I have enough I want at the moment. Besides the clothes and furniture, I also finally unlocked the area below the castle:
I don’t think I’m ready just yet to take it on though.

I also finally managed to catch the Fireworks!

I’ve known about them for a while, but usually ended up in the middle of something elsewhere in the game or couldn’t play at the time so it was nice to finally see them (They only show up between 8:30PM and 9PM).

I then did a bit of Cafe Hopping and got this cute outfit

I don’t think it’s up there with some of my top favorite outfits, but it’s still cute! Same for this one:

I think it’d have been better with a rusty pink or velvet pink color instead of the purple.

And that was it for today <3 I received this game from Nintendo <3 Thank you, Nintendo! :D

Third Day <3

Upon loading up, we had a new visitor in the center of Castleton–Stitch! He asked me for a favor to fix something he broke as Lilo was mad at him.

Thankfully, I had everything on hand! Stitch loves me now too! <3 I had gone splurging a bit due to how many coins I've made. However, my new found money earning quickly fell short when I checked one item that had caught my eye.
And I thought the 25,000 Coins counter yesterday was bad… Regardless, I ended up grabbing it–I wonder if it’s a rare recipe and/or has rare ingredients?

I also bought another Scrump Doll (Sadly, you have to choose if you want something in your room or in the Cafe… This is especially saddening as I would’ve liked to have all the UniBEARsity dolls in both, but as far as I know you can’t get more than one of each…), a Hibiscus Seed, and various materials… I wish I could use the Sturdy Thread for the next part of the Princess dress, but I decided I’ll use it for the fishing rod. I’m looking forward to seeing what new fish I will catch!

Before I do that though, I decided to see what other requests people had:
-Pete wanted 3 cans of red paint… I’m guessing I should head to Wonderland for that.
-One visitor wanted 2 Jars of Golden Honey–it took a bit, but I managed to get this one done!
-Another visitor wanted a Fluffy Dandelion–thankfully, I had plenty of those and was able to give it to them right away. She gave me a whole bunch of Milkberry Seeds.
-And yet another visitor wanted 2 Mini Apples. I had plenty of those and she gave me Tropical Herb Seeds as thanks. Yay 😀

I then went to the Cafe to set some new dishes…

I also had a present on my bed with a Mushroom in it <3 After that, it was continuing various episodes 😀 I find Episodes in the Winnie the Pooh area to be the simplest--I also enjoy them more since I don't care too much for the dungeon-related ones. Such as getting Eeyore his favorite food 😀 After getting him some Blue Thistle, he wanted to take a picture with me!
<3 I also continued to try and get the wood I needed to make some Winnie the Pooh themed tables so I can hold a party... but it seems these trees do not want to give me the wood I need 🙁 After finally getting it, it was time to hold a party!

I managed to get my party meter back up quickly after, but decided to save it as I work for bigger theme combos which will hopefully entire more than one character… I think that’s one of the hardest things right now too–trying to decide what to buy/make first @-@ Or if you’d rather save for stuff you’d want personally. See, this is why I make lists–I’m having so much trouble deciding what to do first 😛 What really doesn’t help though is when I get asked for stuff I don’t have unlocked yet–completely throws me off.

I did make some of Lilo’s outfit though as I found it cute–Hibiscus’ are kind of hard to get :/ I did manage to hit 45 Stickers though which unlocked more furniture at Chip & Dale’s. I also ended up having to make another one of those Winnie the Pooh-themed tables for Owl…

He did take a picture with me as Thanks though <3 I then decided to hold a quick party for the heck of it since the meter filled up quickly anyway...
Aladdin showed up 😀

It was then off to Wonderland as I didn’t have too long until Pete’s task ran out of time and I wanted to at least try to see if I could get what he was looking for. Unfortunately, none of the episodes I currently had unlocked dropped it which meant I had to get to unlocking @-@

I had just enough of the items to make the full outfit at least…

I managed to get lucky and get a few right away from the gift box ghost so then it was just a matter of finishing in time! Despite cutting it close, I managed to complete the request so yay. The White Cocoaberry seeds I received as Thanks will help me with unlocking more recipes <3 I also managed to get a recipe for an adorable quest outfit T~T <3 It makes me wish quest outfits could be worn outside their specific worlds and still be effective... I don't have everything to make it just yet so really tempted to go back to try. I also need to try and get some Dove Feathers from Cinderella's World. The quest I had to do in Wonderland was a lot harder than I'd have liked 🙁 And I hate the ghosts in this area. Regardless, I did manage to finish it and well...
so cute T~T <3 Not sure which I like more...
…but I feel so adorable <3 And as it had hit 5PM while I was in that quest... new tasks!: -Mickey wanted me to get him this... Car Statue thing. Unfortunately, I haven't unlocked it yet 🙁 It'd get me a photo ticket too... -For Dewey, he gave me a riddle: "In a strange wood it grows, Umbrella'd its pose, No bulb, yet it glows!" I luckily already had what he wanted--a Twinkle Mushroom. He gave me 2 Snow Crystals. -Donald wanted 3 Amethyst Gems for a better rod recipe... -A Visitor wants 5 Wiggly Willow Branches, but is offering 3 Mini-Apple Seeds and I practically get Mini-Apples constantly so not sure if I will finish this one. -Another Visitor wanted 3 Wobbly Spoons in return for Polished Silverware. I already had what he wanted and I need the Polished Silverware for something I want to make so I accepted. Also, cute Pink Butterfly:

And I managed to collect enough cards for another greeting!:


I then noticed when I spoke to Chip & Dale, I actually had gotten the recipe from Mickey when I accepted his request… I had 2/3 parts–with the last one being from Wonderland as well. It would also be 33K to make which is nearly all my money at the moment. I really rather not go back to Wonderland right now though–but maybe if I feel up to it later before it ends…

I held another party–I ended up getting the Summer set combos up to 7/8 so I was hoping I could get the others and well…

I was right! Now I’ve gotten a picture with all the Summer-dressed characters 😀 I’ve noticed you seem to always get a card you don’t have during parties too.. or at least it’s a much higher chance to get something new.

I then went and made various things to get my 50th sticker! I was really excited to unlock more things.
New furniture I want to make: Magic Rose Stained Glass, Welcoming Balloons, Heart Dresser, Daisy Round Table, Stitch Statue
New clothing I want to make: Cute Minnie Headband, Tiara Mini Headband,
Of course, there’s already several things I’ve wanted to be able to make and still lack the stuff for so not sure how long these will take me…

With that, I decided to stop for the night as after the long day, I sadly don’t have the energy to play as long
A Lovely night view <3 Note: I received a copy of this game from Nintendo! Thank you, Nintendo! <3 Note 2: Stickers and Cards are more or less up on the site to keep track. Everything else will take a while due to how the game has them set-up @-@ Hopefully it won’t take too long to finish.