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Day 6 ^-^

In another set of “let’s take it easy because wow I write a lot”, I decided to try and just concentrate on what tasks there were this morning before I had to run out:
-Another Resident wanted 15 Grace Lily for another Sailor Hat. I went and accepted it as I’d like to complete every theme at least once.
-Stitch broke his Surfboard and wanted a new one… Sadly, I don’t even have that unlocked yet. Which I guess he knew as he just gave me the recipe. Unfortunately, I didn’t have what is needed to make it–it involved something from helping someone and nobody has even offered me that yet..
-Donald asked me for some Barley to make new pancakes. He gave me a Quest Oar as Thanks.
-Resident wanted 1 Exotic Coffee for 3 Crown Milkberry Seeds… While I had some, I don’t have much but I have tons of Crown Milkberry and have planted some before X-x
-Resident wanted a Fluffy Dandelion for some Milkberry Seeds.

The game switches over around 5PM EST (The exact hour I heard can vary in someone’s game, but it does change at 5PM EST for me)–I’m not sure when in the morning but I’d guess 5AM to 6AM which works for me. Anyway, I mostly bought random stuff at Scrooge’s shop, but I bought 10 of the Creamy Milks and 2 of the Camels in Aladdin’s area.

I was super excited to see Belle and Beast on the bridge towards the Castle. It’s so nice seeing Castleton fill up with more characters as you have parties with them.

And I had enough cards to learn a new greeting and…

YES! I CAN FINALLY CURTSEY 😀 I feel so adorable T~T

I then went and harvested and watered my crops. To my surrpise, Pooh wanted to take a picture with me again!

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 BEST PICTURE.

I finally got to play some more later that evening which meant I got to see what new tasks there were–plus grab some more cards. @-@ Of course, I had saved in the Hundred Acre Wood so I took care of some plants first–right now, I’m mostly just leaving lots of flowers and herbs around to earn more honey when I can harvest from the trees:

Then it was off for Cards, Tasks, and Shopping!:
-Resident wanted a Rubber Leaf for 3 Mini-Carrot Seeds. I had 5 and haven’t planted a Mini-Carrot yet so I accepted.
-Lilo wanted me to get a Hibiscus Swim Ring for Stitch… She gave me the recipe so I went to see if I could make it. To my surprise, I could! So I went ahead and did so.
-Resident wanted 15 Big Logs for an Apple Lamp. I quickly accepted as I could use another Apple Lamp, I had 40 big Logs, and I need to work on the Snow White theme more.
-Resident wanted 3 Cracked Bricks in exchange for 5 Creamy Chestnut Seeds.
-Pete once again wanted 3 Red Paint.
There was nothing really good in the shops today, but I managed to get a new card from trading. I also managed to get the last Chip and Dale card I need 😀 Yay.

I then went off to Cinderella’s World to continue my quest for Moonstone Plates as I need a ridiculous amount of them for Cinderella stuff.

It took several tries (although, not nearly as long as when I was trying to get them for the gown), but I succeeded and had an almost perfect combo cafe for Cinderella (which means hopefully Prince Charming and the Fairy Godmother will show up)–sadly, I don’t have anything unlocked to put on tables and even though I got one from a quest, it needs 3 to count.

Thus, it was time to start the party… *CROSSES FINGERS*

Prince Charming! I was hoping for multiple characters, but this still works as it’s someone I haven’t taken a picture with yet!

With that done and all my dishes sold out, I started making some new ones.

So cute T~T <3 I'm not sure what to work towards next--I'm always working towards Snow White's theme (kind of have to considering the task), but I still have so few of it unlocked and even less of the items (It needs lots of Wooden Puppets which you can only get from tasks) that it'll be a while... I also got another card from Prince Charming (although, an extra) which ended up being my 3rd extra so I was able to trade and get a card I needed! Which also meant I had enough for a new greeting!
“Doze Off”… I wonder if that’s really what it was.

Besides that, I got enough “Nice” compliments to get all the Sparkles! The last Sparkle cost 22 Nice’ and there’s a total of 20 (the first one starting at 3 and for each one you buy, going up by 1 with the last one hitting 22–so the first is 3, second is 4, and so on and so forth). Now I just need the thumbs up’s for Good Luck Charms… though, I’m pretty iffy on trying those again considering the first one I got didn’t help much at all
I’m not too fond of it though–not big on purple…or showing so much skin. The hair is nice though. Better:

Regardless, with my better outfit and wand, I am officially ready for future Aladdin episodes. I may still need to work a bit harder for the Alice in Wonderland stuff… especially as I need to get Pete his paints.

It turns out this was a good choice though as the very next Aladdin episode was fighting the boss… and it got fairly close to not ending well.

I also got some items I needed to make more dishes so yay. Thanks to beating that Aladdin episode, I am now at Sticker 66! I got one for beating the boss in that world and one for beating 50 episodes now! The only Episode Stickers I have left are beating the boss in Wonderland (which I’m kind of terrified about) and finishing the “Bonus Episode”. I still have 3 Aladdin Episodes I can do, but I think I’ll take a break for now…

For now, I went off to see what new things I unlocked at Chip & Dale’s Workshop.

I unlocked several things, but didn’t care too much for most of it. The Royal Round Table and Wishing Well caught my eye though–not that I have the stuff to make either. 🙁

With a last visit to the cafe and 100 Acre Wood, I decided to stop for the night as I must get up early tomorrow. Hopefully I can work on more of the Episodes in Wonderland later.

I also received a Goldstone Plate as a gift <3 I like how everyone comes over to help pull and celebrate the Big Turnip.
I do wonder what the Mysterious Golden Seed will end up being though… It’ll take 4 hours so I guess we’ll see tomorrow!

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! 😀

What am I worried about not seeing?

One question I received recently after mentioning what I was looking forward to is what I’d be worried if it was removed or not done. I’m hoping my worries will be for naught, but here’s a list along with reasons why I think they could get removed:

1. The AR Cards – This kind of hits two things–both the cards from the Japanese version working and also if there will ever be new ones. Many things, such as QR Codes, are region locked to Japan–not everything of course (Animal Crossing and Pushmo are good examples of games with QR Codes that are not region locked), but it makes me wonder if the same would be AR Cards–currently, the AR Cards we don’t have are limited to games that aren’t out here, such as this adorable “game”. While I don’t use the AR function as much as I’d like (terrible lighting where I live makes it hard), it’s something I enjoy playing with when I can… and part of it is also that the only big AR thing we have are the original games we had received upon the 3DS’ release.

Honestly, if we received those pre-paid cards with the cute AR Cards, I’d easily be buying up a bunch of eShop points for them because I think they are adorable and I’d want to collect them all. I think the AR Cards for items could go well–heck, Disney has had grab bags and booster packs before that I think could work well with them too (and sure, I’d hate the randomness, but at least they’d be brought over). Though, as long as the Japanese cards work, I wouldn’t be too upset–I would think it’d be a missed shot for more AR Card chances though.

2. DLC! – Besides the DLC packs for new worlds, I’m also worried the various DLC that has come out in Japan may not make it over. I’ve loved all the DLC and would immediately buy them, but even then there are some I’m worried about more than others between things like the Hinaningyou becoming a Japanese region only item in Animal Crossing after the gamecube version, the Quiz DLC case being cut from Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, and the Kimono Shop for men in Style Savvy: Trendsetters being taken out, it always worries me sometimes when I see packs that focus a lot on things that are Asian Cultured. I really hope they leave it in (and bring over all the DLC honestly)–it’s a beautiful pack. Not to mention Tokyo Disney is amazing and Epcot has a lovely area in the World Showcase for Japan as well.

3. Campaign items. What most people don’t realize is Disney Magic Castle is based off an online game which is part of why I had been worried it wouldn’t have been brought over (not enough words for how happy I am that they did). Regardless, we don’t have that game which means we can’t do what’s needed to get the outfits. I’m hoping there will be another way to get them (Similar to what Professor Layton and the Specter’s Flute did with London Life as the code feature was removed) and they won’t just be gotten rid of.

In a similar note, since we do not have the UniBEARsity brand over here, I’m also curious how that’ll go. I hope they do stick around over being removed, but I don’t know how they’d bring them over if the AR Cards are region locked.

4. 7-11 Items – If only our 7-11’s were as awesome as the ones in Japan… Getting to the point, 7-11 has a lot of exclusive items. This isn’t really new (I mean, there’s a whole 10 item set in Animal Crossing) and has happened more and more in new games which makes me wonder if we will see the 7-11 items. Most of the items are not actually 7-11 themed (I recall a large amount of Pinocchio themed stuff being some of the items you could get from there) so I’m hoping that means they will have a chance to show up as DLC. The only item I heard that was really 7-11 themed was a Minnie-themed dress that was green and orange–whether it had 7’s all over it or not, I don’t know, but I kind of hope there’s a chance we’ll see it brought over too. Even if it’s modified a bit.

And to end it, something I know I won’t see, but hope changes in the future: There’s no online gifting. You can only gift over local wifi. While I will definitely be playing the game with my family, most of my friends who are big Disney fans do not live that close which makes it a bit disappointing that I can’t do more besides visit their cafe and rate them. Regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing their cafes and getting them some items through nice ratings.

With that said, the fact that the game is coming over really just makes me more excited than everything despite worries of things that may not be–the game still looks amazing and I can’t wait to play it when it comes out next month <3

Only a month to go!

So, with just a month to go (or well, a little under now), I have finally managed to get this up. Originally, I was just going to do something small, but the more I heard the game had, the better I felt it may be to keep up. Don’t expect super long entries like my Animal Crossing blog though–I think this one will be more checklists and notes.

Moving on, if you’ve seen My Tumblr for the game, you’ll know I’m pretty excited. The game seems to be a cross between Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon (two of my favorite games) with a few things that remind me of Fantasy Life (which I’m still hoping will come over). I actually did not expect this game to come over (though, that didn’t stop me from sending emails out to let them know overseas fans wanted it…) so it was a really pleasant surprise to see it announced (I am also looking forward to Tomodachi Collection!). As for what I’m looking forward to the most? I don’t know! I’m really looking forward to a lot of it–if I had to pinpoint it down, I’d probably just say exploring in general.

I love Disney. I’ve gone to Disney World every year since I was born with my family so it’s practically a tradition. I’ve been to almost all of the different Disney parks (Still need to visit Hong Kong Disney) and so a Disney game where I can explore and see all my favorite characters gets me pretty excited. If you like Disney, I really hope you’ll be picking the game up and if you may not be too big on Disney, but still enjoy things like Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing, I’d highly recommend picking it up too.

In the meantime, I’m hoping the QR Codes in Japan will work for the US game–though, I’m not going to get my hopes too high. At the very least, if they do, I hope there is a chance we could see the UniBEARsity line over here at some point–I know I was super excited when they brought Duffy over to the US parks so I’d love to see UniBEARsity come to our Disney stores. Speaking of Duffy though, considering his popularity (and Shellie May’s), I’m very surprised he isn’t in the game! I really hope he’ll be added as DLC at some point… In fact, I hope the game does well enough that DLC keeps coming. I’d love to see the Disney World keep growing with characters from new movies. I think it’d also be a good way to keep the game interesting.

Anyway, on an ending note with some more blog-focused stuff: While this blog is “done”, the content still has a lot of work to go. There is a good chance many things will be removed and/or changed. The layout is completely set though. And as a fun tribute (and I guess Easter Egg for the site) that those who played Pixie Hollow with me may realize… The Fairy over in the top right in a Tinkerbell pose is actually my Fairy from Pixie Hollow named Dewdrop Moonflower:

Sadly, the last picture I managed to get of her wasn’t a very good one 🙁 Regardless, the full-version from the logo: