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The final Nintendo Zone item (in this set anyway)

So, today, the final Nintendo Zone item is out for 2 weeks–the Green Minnie Polka Dot Set. It consists of 1 Minnie Polka Dot Headband (Green), 1 Minnie Polka Dot Dress (Green), and 1 Minnie Polka Dot Pumps (Blue):

Yep! Not Pinocchio this time. I don’t know if they will be releasing the items again or not (I’d think so), but since they finally got the Nintendo Zone page updated, hopefully people can keep an eye on it! The DLC shop ingame should be updated in about a week.

7th set of Nintendo Zone items!

Today the 2nd Food Recipe is out! This includes the final Pinocchio food recipe (you should’ve gotten the rest from the 1st Food Recipe)–the Blue Fairy Soda:

It’s rather simple, but I love the cute sparkly decoration.

In different news, while I’ve not been able to get more of the items I need for more Mickey and Western parties, I did get a picture with Mickey and Donald at one Western Party:

Which means I’ve gotten pictures with each character in their Western costume.

Plus, did enough favors for Pinocchio and got a picture with him and Geppetto outside the cafe:

Now, back to trying to get more stuff for the other two parties…

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! 😀 If you are interested in Disney Magical World, you may want to look into picking it up!

6th set of Nintendo Zone items out today!

As expected, this includes the Pinocchio Wallpaper, Flooring, and Bed along with the recipes to make the wallpaper and flooring (incase you want another set so you can use it for both your room and Cafe) 🙂

But yes, the wallpaper and flooring:

I don’t care too much for the flooring, but I think the wallpaper is very nice. I also love the Duffy cameo–really wish he was in the game with Shellie May. May occasionally switch to that wallpaper in My character’s room…

And the bed:

On a slightly different note, I got the final table I needed for the Space Theme and Posh items still hate me. I only need Pinocchio Posh’s Shirt, Dumbo’s Posh Hat, and Bambi’s Posh Trousers, but I just keep getting Posh stuff I don’t need 🙁 *sighs* I also held my first Donald party (as it’s the only thing I have the ingredients for… I need more Milky Way Mushrooms, Big Bad Mushrooms, and Spicy Mushrooms for the rest… I’m almost out of Backwards Clovers though), but no luck. Still took a photo though:

Hopefully can have some luck with mushrooms today 🙁 I sure need it.

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! 😀 If you are interested in Disney Magical World, you may want to look into picking it up!

5th set of Nintendo Zone Items out today!

This time, it’s the Pinocchio outfit!

Like the first outfit, it came with two and has the hat, outfit, and shoes plus the recipe 🙂

I also held a party and Geppetto finally showed up!

Yay 😀

Finally, as a bonus I finally did enough favors for the Clubs Card Soldier:

Yay for pictures 😀
I’ve had a few people ask me how different photos can be so these are the “types” so to speak:
-The character in the cafe
-The character with a photo as the reward for doing the favor
-The character asking for a photo due to having done 3+ more favors

There is also a bit of a sub-section for the last one–there’s characters that do not speak (Such as Tinkerbell, Abu and Magic Carpet, and Pluto) who will only appear with the character who can speak for them (Peter Pan, Aladdin, and Mickey respectively). When the character is with another character, you have to do 3 favors for them with that character. So think of it as favors for “Aladdin and Abu” so to speak for it to count. So for example, I have Aladdin normally, but I do not have him with anyone else–in fact, I only have Jasmine when he talks to Jasmine.

While not always the case, which character has the photo icon also can depend on where the photo is. Another example is Stitch can appear alone or with Lilo (I’ve never seen Lilo by herself out in Castleton). Stitch will take a picture with me in the throne room while Stitch and Lilo take a picture near the shop by the Popcorn Machine. The poses also vary.

In general, it’s worth it for each outcome for the different backdrops (and occasionally, poses as well).

4th set of Nintendo Zone items released today!

Yep, if you can pause from playing Mario Kart 8, head over to your local Nintendo Zone to be sure to download the new set of items 🙂 These feature some nice decorations plus give you the recipe for them (as you’ll want to make a few more Fish Bowls to get the Combo) and the recipe for an item you can only get if you make it!

The lovely items:

Puppet Maker Wood Shelf:

Cute Goldfish Bowl:

Cute Mini Goldish Bowl:

Ornamental Pendulum Clock: – This is the 4th item the Recipe gives 🙂

^So cute. I had prepared for the Goldfish Bowl, but didn’t know about this and now I’m sad I don’t have anywhere for a permanent use for it T~T

3rd set of Nintendo Zone items released today!

So, it’s been 2 weeks since the last items were available to download 😀 This time, the Nintendo Zone gives us 5 new dishes (yep! FIVE). Just to clarify though, the Nintendo Zone only gives you one recipe–all 5 are on that one recipe.

Feathered Hat Rice Scramble – Roc’s Feather, Beefy Acorn, and Eggfruit

Twinklestar Pizza – Sweet Tomato, Big Bad Mushroom, and Milky Way Mushroom

I like the bowl :3

Spouting Macchiato – Cocoaberry, Milkberry, and Rockcandy Rock

The Teapot is so cute.

Chocolate Pixie Medals – Cocoaberry, Twinkle Mushroom, and Butterynut

Cuuuute T~T

Fairytale Tiramisu – Exotic Coffee, Mixed Cocoaberries, and Extra-Creamy Chestnut

So cute T~T It looks like a book (and also kind of like a music box).

The next items should be some decorations–the fish bowls, a cabinet, and a wall-clock 😀 The final drink will be in the 2nd to last items we get!

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! 😀

Nintendo Zone!

So, it seems Nintendo Zone items are going out–like the 7-11 downloads in Japan, this features the Pinocchio set! I do not how long these will be going, but right now, there’s the Pinocchio Doll Outfit Recipe and 2 of each item in the set: Pinocchio Doll Hood, Pinocchio Doll Pumps, and Pinocchio Doll Dress. It’s rather cute:

I can’t wait until more of the set is put out!