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Goofy Cafe Medal and the final secret wand!

With the Mickey Party done, I was able to use my last Big Bad Mushroom to try a Western Party and well…


So happy T~T I even took a picture to memorize the moment:

I wonder if the fact that it’s a Western themed day helped at all… Regardless, the final wand!:

I still need 3 more Minnie Medals for some of her clothing, but that’s not too bad. However, since I finished getting all the Secret Wands, a special video for everyone!:

Each themed wand has it’s own special “heavy” magic attack and combo attack and I wanted to show off each 🙂 Plus, the appearance of the spell varies based on if you use the normal wands, the Secret Wand, or the DLC wand. While Cinderella’s, Wonderland’s, Aladdin’s, and the Pirates of the Caribbean Wands can only be effective in their specific worlds and the Castleton Dungeon (The power and health will drop to the basic wand otherwise), Minnie’s, Mickey’s, Goofy’s, and Donald’s can be used everywhere.

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! 😀 If you are interested in Disney Magical World, you may want to look into picking it up!

Favors and Photos

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to work towards today–most of what I have left to do I don’t even know where to start or need to just keep gathering up more materials. So, I decided to start with checking for what Favors I could help fulfill:
-Cinderella wanted Honey.
-Goofy wanted me to put on a Goofy Outfit for him and I’d get a Photo Ticket… I hope I have the stuff to make it.
-Resident wanted 3 Soap Bubbles.
-Resident wanted Exotic Coffee. He gave me 3 Crown Milkberry Seeds which is something I’ve needed so yay!
-Resident wanted 2 Polkadot Tulips
I was able to complete everything except for Goofy’s… I need Peridot Bubbles for his hat so now it’s time to go fish. Before that though, I figured I’d get the cards from various people, shop, and also visit the King.

Hercules was now in Castleton!:

I also managed to get the last Lilo & Stitch card I needed from Lilo 😀

It was then off to the Castle to trade extra cards and hopefully get a new greeting. I didn’t have much luck with trading, but I did unlock a new greeting!:

“Hesitant Blush”

The Fortune Shop didn’t have a new Mystery item so I guess it’s just the crown then. I did pick up a fishing charm though to help increase the chance for Peridot Bubbles. It took ages, but I was finally able to get one… Peridot does not like me. :/ I decided to stay for the rest of the charm though in hopes I could get more considering how much it seems to dislike appearing. I managed to get one more, but that was it
I would have made the girl’s outfit, but he said “Goofy Outfit”–not Goofy-themed outfit… He liked it though and thus, photo time!:

I then stopped by the Cafe to make some dishes including this new one:

I really love it, but I probably won’t get to make it again as it involves a really rare ingredient. I really hate the dishes that involve really rare stuff 🙁 It’d be one thing if it was just to pay to unlock it, but nope–need it every single time to make the dish T~T

My Party meter was full so I decided to hold a Pooh-themed party for fun.

Rabbit and Piglet showed up 😀

I then paused for a bit and noticed the blue spotpass light on again! This time, it was someone named Mel.

Hi Mel! :3 I received Goofy 04 from them <3 And made a stop at their cafe:

It then hit 5PM which meant new favor time!:
-Resident wanted Blue Thistle for Golden Butterynut Seeds
-Resident wanted 3 Wibbly-Wobbly Spoons for Polished Silverware. – Those were all of my spoons, but I’m out of Polished Silverware so… 🙁
-Stitch needed 3 Bitsy Beech Logs.
-Resident needed 10 Cracked Bricks
-Dale wanted Slippery Bark.

Plus, now Jasmine is in Castleton with Aladdin too!:

After helping Stitch out, he said this lovely thing:

And asked to take a picture 😀 eeee <3

It was then off to trade cards again <3 I managed to get Castleton 05! The card of the King I was looking for early in the game 😀 I got a few other new ones as well and with the amount I got, I was able to get another greeting from the Chancellor!:

And that was really it for today :3 Though, I suppose if I have more time later to do some episodes, I’ll update again!

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! 😀

Third Day <3

Upon loading up, we had a new visitor in the center of Castleton–Stitch! He asked me for a favor to fix something he broke as Lilo was mad at him.

Thankfully, I had everything on hand! Stitch loves me now too! <3 I had gone splurging a bit due to how many coins I've made. However, my new found money earning quickly fell short when I checked one item that had caught my eye.
And I thought the 25,000 Coins counter yesterday was bad… Regardless, I ended up grabbing it–I wonder if it’s a rare recipe and/or has rare ingredients?

I also bought another Scrump Doll (Sadly, you have to choose if you want something in your room or in the Cafe… This is especially saddening as I would’ve liked to have all the UniBEARsity dolls in both, but as far as I know you can’t get more than one of each…), a Hibiscus Seed, and various materials… I wish I could use the Sturdy Thread for the next part of the Princess dress, but I decided I’ll use it for the fishing rod. I’m looking forward to seeing what new fish I will catch!

Before I do that though, I decided to see what other requests people had:
-Pete wanted 3 cans of red paint… I’m guessing I should head to Wonderland for that.
-One visitor wanted 2 Jars of Golden Honey–it took a bit, but I managed to get this one done!
-Another visitor wanted a Fluffy Dandelion–thankfully, I had plenty of those and was able to give it to them right away. She gave me a whole bunch of Milkberry Seeds.
-And yet another visitor wanted 2 Mini Apples. I had plenty of those and she gave me Tropical Herb Seeds as thanks. Yay 😀

I then went to the Cafe to set some new dishes…

I also had a present on my bed with a Mushroom in it <3 After that, it was continuing various episodes 😀 I find Episodes in the Winnie the Pooh area to be the simplest--I also enjoy them more since I don't care too much for the dungeon-related ones. Such as getting Eeyore his favorite food 😀 After getting him some Blue Thistle, he wanted to take a picture with me!
<3 I also continued to try and get the wood I needed to make some Winnie the Pooh themed tables so I can hold a party... but it seems these trees do not want to give me the wood I need 🙁 After finally getting it, it was time to hold a party!

I managed to get my party meter back up quickly after, but decided to save it as I work for bigger theme combos which will hopefully entire more than one character… I think that’s one of the hardest things right now too–trying to decide what to buy/make first @-@ Or if you’d rather save for stuff you’d want personally. See, this is why I make lists–I’m having so much trouble deciding what to do first 😛 What really doesn’t help though is when I get asked for stuff I don’t have unlocked yet–completely throws me off.

I did make some of Lilo’s outfit though as I found it cute–Hibiscus’ are kind of hard to get :/ I did manage to hit 45 Stickers though which unlocked more furniture at Chip & Dale’s. I also ended up having to make another one of those Winnie the Pooh-themed tables for Owl…

He did take a picture with me as Thanks though <3 I then decided to hold a quick party for the heck of it since the meter filled up quickly anyway...
Aladdin showed up 😀

It was then off to Wonderland as I didn’t have too long until Pete’s task ran out of time and I wanted to at least try to see if I could get what he was looking for. Unfortunately, none of the episodes I currently had unlocked dropped it which meant I had to get to unlocking @-@

I had just enough of the items to make the full outfit at least…

I managed to get lucky and get a few right away from the gift box ghost so then it was just a matter of finishing in time! Despite cutting it close, I managed to complete the request so yay. The White Cocoaberry seeds I received as Thanks will help me with unlocking more recipes <3 I also managed to get a recipe for an adorable quest outfit T~T <3 It makes me wish quest outfits could be worn outside their specific worlds and still be effective... I don't have everything to make it just yet so really tempted to go back to try. I also need to try and get some Dove Feathers from Cinderella's World. The quest I had to do in Wonderland was a lot harder than I'd have liked 🙁 And I hate the ghosts in this area. Regardless, I did manage to finish it and well...
so cute T~T <3 Not sure which I like more...
…but I feel so adorable <3 And as it had hit 5PM while I was in that quest... new tasks!: -Mickey wanted me to get him this... Car Statue thing. Unfortunately, I haven't unlocked it yet 🙁 It'd get me a photo ticket too... -For Dewey, he gave me a riddle: "In a strange wood it grows, Umbrella'd its pose, No bulb, yet it glows!" I luckily already had what he wanted--a Twinkle Mushroom. He gave me 2 Snow Crystals. -Donald wanted 3 Amethyst Gems for a better rod recipe... -A Visitor wants 5 Wiggly Willow Branches, but is offering 3 Mini-Apple Seeds and I practically get Mini-Apples constantly so not sure if I will finish this one. -Another Visitor wanted 3 Wobbly Spoons in return for Polished Silverware. I already had what he wanted and I need the Polished Silverware for something I want to make so I accepted. Also, cute Pink Butterfly:

And I managed to collect enough cards for another greeting!:


I then noticed when I spoke to Chip & Dale, I actually had gotten the recipe from Mickey when I accepted his request… I had 2/3 parts–with the last one being from Wonderland as well. It would also be 33K to make which is nearly all my money at the moment. I really rather not go back to Wonderland right now though–but maybe if I feel up to it later before it ends…

I held another party–I ended up getting the Summer set combos up to 7/8 so I was hoping I could get the others and well…

I was right! Now I’ve gotten a picture with all the Summer-dressed characters 😀 I’ve noticed you seem to always get a card you don’t have during parties too.. or at least it’s a much higher chance to get something new.

I then went and made various things to get my 50th sticker! I was really excited to unlock more things.
New furniture I want to make: Magic Rose Stained Glass, Welcoming Balloons, Heart Dresser, Daisy Round Table, Stitch Statue
New clothing I want to make: Cute Minnie Headband, Tiara Mini Headband,
Of course, there’s already several things I’ve wanted to be able to make and still lack the stuff for so not sure how long these will take me…

With that, I decided to stop for the night as after the long day, I sadly don’t have the energy to play as long
A Lovely night view <3 Note: I received a copy of this game from Nintendo! Thank you, Nintendo! <3 Note 2: Stickers and Cards are more or less up on the site to keep track. Everything else will take a while due to how the game has them set-up @-@ Hopefully it won’t take too long to finish.