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New DLC for the month!

So, with July we get new DLC. Right now, the only thing up is the Casual Mickey Shirt, but it didn’t say “New” and the Easter stuff is still there so I’m hoping there could be more coming later today… Sadly, it looks like it really is just the Casual Mickey T-Shirt this month. T~T

But for now, here’s a picture of the front and back of the new free Casual Mickey T-Shirt:

You should also notice Easter is now over so the decorations are gone:

It’s been so long since I’ve seen it like this.

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! 😀 If you are interested in Disney Magical World, you may want to look into picking it up!

6th set of Nintendo Zone items out today!

As expected, this includes the Pinocchio Wallpaper, Flooring, and Bed along with the recipes to make the wallpaper and flooring (incase you want another set so you can use it for both your room and Cafe) 🙂

But yes, the wallpaper and flooring:

I don’t care too much for the flooring, but I think the wallpaper is very nice. I also love the Duffy cameo–really wish he was in the game with Shellie May. May occasionally switch to that wallpaper in My character’s room…

And the bed:

On a slightly different note, I got the final table I needed for the Space Theme and Posh items still hate me. I only need Pinocchio Posh’s Shirt, Dumbo’s Posh Hat, and Bambi’s Posh Trousers, but I just keep getting Posh stuff I don’t need 🙁 *sighs* I also held my first Donald party (as it’s the only thing I have the ingredients for… I need more Milky Way Mushrooms, Big Bad Mushrooms, and Spicy Mushrooms for the rest… I’m almost out of Backwards Clovers though), but no luck. Still took a photo though:

Hopefully can have some luck with mushrooms today 🙁 I sure need it.

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! 😀 If you are interested in Disney Magical World, you may want to look into picking it up!

DLC Episode 3! :D

So, the third batch of DLC has come out as it’s June! Yay!

1. Casual Space T-Shirt – Free

2. Cafe Set – The Aristocats – $2 – It comes with a set of Marie Ears, Wallpaper, Rug, a Jewelry Box, recipes for a bunch of furniture, and 6 new food recipes!

The bed:

Headband version of the ears:

Wallpaper and Flooring:

I really love the Wallpaper. Having trouble deciding if I like it more than what I’m currently using in the restaurant or not T~T


Same goes for this versus Pooh Counter. Kind of leaning towards the Pooh Counter still though.


why can’t there be a bigger item limit

And of course I held a party:

Which means Marie is now out in Castleton!:

Plus, I did some room updates:

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! 😀 If you are interested in Disney Magical World, you may want to look into picking it up!

4th set of Nintendo Zone items released today!

Yep, if you can pause from playing Mario Kart 8, head over to your local Nintendo Zone to be sure to download the new set of items 🙂 These feature some nice decorations plus give you the recipe for them (as you’ll want to make a few more Fish Bowls to get the Combo) and the recipe for an item you can only get if you make it!

The lovely items:

Puppet Maker Wood Shelf:

Cute Goldfish Bowl:

Cute Mini Goldish Bowl:

Ornamental Pendulum Clock: – This is the 4th item the Recipe gives 🙂

^So cute. I had prepared for the Goldfish Bowl, but didn’t know about this and now I’m sad I don’t have anywhere for a permanent use for it T~T

3rd set of Nintendo Zone items released today!

So, it’s been 2 weeks since the last items were available to download 😀 This time, the Nintendo Zone gives us 5 new dishes (yep! FIVE). Just to clarify though, the Nintendo Zone only gives you one recipe–all 5 are on that one recipe.

Feathered Hat Rice Scramble – Roc’s Feather, Beefy Acorn, and Eggfruit

Twinklestar Pizza – Sweet Tomato, Big Bad Mushroom, and Milky Way Mushroom

I like the bowl :3

Spouting Macchiato – Cocoaberry, Milkberry, and Rockcandy Rock

The Teapot is so cute.

Chocolate Pixie Medals – Cocoaberry, Twinkle Mushroom, and Butterynut

Cuuuute T~T

Fairytale Tiramisu – Exotic Coffee, Mixed Cocoaberries, and Extra-Creamy Chestnut

So cute T~T It looks like a book (and also kind of like a music box).

The next items should be some decorations–the fish bowls, a cabinet, and a wall-clock 😀 The final drink will be in the 2nd to last items we get!

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! 😀

2nd set of Nintendo Zone items are out!

This time, we got the table, chairs, and counter belong to the Pinocchio set. Ta-da!:

This also put me up to two combos with that and matching outs so… 😀 PARTY TIME.


I really do love the counter though. So cute.

Jumbo Entry + A Pirate Adventure

Due to having lots going on soon, I decided to work on a Jumbo entry–similar to that two day entry 🙂 Though, this may be posted early if something really big happens! Most of my playtime currently revolves around the following:
-Filling my cafe back up (maybe having a party)
-Collecting cards
-Doing episodes when I have time
-Doing favors
-Checking SpotPass Visitors

So, the 4/27 daytime favors!:
-Resident wanted 1 Dewdrop Iris
-Belle needed 3 Sweet Tomato
-Scrooge wants a Sapphire Bubble
-Resident wanted 15 Golden Sand
-Resident wanted 10 Cracked Bricks

4/27 Evening favors:
-Resident wanted 2 Mini Apples
-Aurora wanted 3 Fairysilk
-Resident wanted 1 Golden Camel Handicraft
-Resident wanted 15 Big Logs
-Dewey needed 1 Warped Willow Branch

New cards for the 27th:
-Pirates of the Caribbean 04

4/28 Day favors:
-Resident wanted Pearl Bubble
-Resident wanted 3 Rockcandy Rocks
-Resident wanted 1 Oasis Dogbane
-Pete wanted 1 Bright White Rose
-Jasmine wanted Popcorn. After giving me some spicy seeds, she asked to take a picture!:

4/28 Evening favors:
-Resident wanted 3 Ruby Bubbles
-Resident wanted 2 Golden Honey
-Captain Hook wanted a Neverland Grandfather Clock.
-Resident wanted to see a Western Outfit
-Goofy wanted to see me in a Goofy Outfit

New Cards for the 28th:
Pocahontas 02

4/29 Day favors:
-Resident wanted 1 Blue Thistle
-Resident wanted 15 Big Logs
-Resident wanted 3 Soap Bubbles
-Chip wanted 3 Jack’s Thread. Then he wanted to take a picture!:

-Huey wanted a Diamond Bubble

4/29 Evening favors:
-Resident wanted 2 Polka Dot Tulips
-Resident wanted 1 Ruby Bubble
-Scrooge wanted 5 Inky Bubbles
-Dale wanted 3 Beefy Acorn
-Resident wanted 1 Oasis Dogbane

4/29 New Cards:
Pinocchio 03
Disney Princesses 10

I also randomly held a Wonderland-themed party in my continued quest for medals. I failed, but I got a picture with the card soldiers!:

4/30 Day Favors:
-Resident wanted 1 Golden Camel Handicraft
-Resident wanted 10 Bright White Rose
-Scrooge wanted a Sapphire Bubble
-Dale wanted 1 Slippery Bark
-Resident wanted 2 Golden Honey

The cards were now in Castleton!:

4/30 Evening Favors:
-The White Rabbit wanted a White Rabbit Watch Ornament (yay! New recipe!)
-Resident wanted 5 Soap Bubbles
-Doc wanted 3 Beefy Acorns
-Resident wanted 2 Golden Honey
-Resident wanted 1 Ruby Bubble

4/30 New Cards:
UniBEARsity 01
Lady and the Tramp 05

5/1 Day favors:
-Minnie wanted a Rosy bubble
-Resident wanted 10 bright white roses
-Resident wanted 3 pearl bubbles
-Resident wanted 2 polkadot tulip
-Louie wanted 1 Stubby maple log

5/1 Evening favors:
-Chip wants a Broken Clock Gear
-Dale wants Slippery Bark
-Resident wants Exotic Coffee
-Resident wants 5 Soap Bubbles
-Resident wants 3 Rockcandy Rock

5/1 New cards:
101 Dalmations 03
Dumbo 05

And as mentioned, today is DLC 2 Day! So I went to spend a lot of time in the Pirates of the Caribbean area. It was time to go onboard and show my skills!:

The map is so pretty!:

I didn’t expect to get the rare fish so fast…

I managed to get the furniture recipe and also the first quest outfit so it was time to stop back in Castleton. I managed to unlock wallpaper, flooring, a table, a chair (which is pretty nice), a counter, a shelf, and a bed @-@ With the furniture recipe. Probably still more too. Then it was time to make a new quest outfit:

I didn’t really care for either color scheme, but I picked the first one.

It was then back for the next episode 😀 And I got my first food recipe for the area! Plus the first tablet. And now I have my own ship:

I wish it was pink…

Regardless, I was off! I also got more recipes so yay 😀

Seriously, I love the look of these episodes:

Plus puzzles! T~T Like getting the gate open by hitting the switches in certain orders. But seriously, LOOK HOW PRETTY:

The new ghosts are pretty neat too. I like the jellyfish ones a lot–not too fond of the one tossing bombs though T__T

After the 4th episode, I received the 2nd tablet and my 2nd Quest outfit recipe so I made another pitstop in Castleton. The next outfit, while not my color was at least a lot more girly:

While in Castleton, I also stopped by to plant some new seeds and make some of the new dishes.

It was then back to Tortuga 😀

And things were getting pretty crazy…

Thankfully, I was ready to help out.

Besides helping get Jack out of Jail, I got the 3rd piece of the tablet and 2 more recipes to use when I get back to Castleton.

The captain blackmailing Jack doesn’t seem too nice, but he DID just give me a nice new ship so maybe he’s nicer than I think:

To my surprise, the ship got attacked!:

With the ghosts defeated, we continued on.

It was then time to place the last stone tablet…

I then headed to Castleton with my new recipes :3 Sadly, we still needed a few more Blue Mangoes for the one outfit I could make… But I was able to make the new dish I received:

I didn’t feel like waiting for the Blue Mangoes to grow so I just headed back to Tortuga to continue the PotC episodes. First, I did make all the wands I could though… I have to say, however, I really love this item:

I’ll want one just to keep. Coincidentally, it’s used to make my favorite wand in the game:

After, my blue mangoes had finished and I made my next quest outfit:

Then, it was back to Tortuga.

After that, it was time to finally follow the map to Roy’s treasure…

And I have to say, some of these puzzles (not just in the last map) get hard. Lots of bonus areas and things from figuring out puzzles and some of these ghosts are awful. Like the bomb throwing ones and the ones that teleport right in front of you and spit poison gas. I finally made it to a door though…



I stopped back at Castleton first to see if I could make the next quest outfit… I really could use it afterall. It had hit 5AM though which meant new tasks!:

May 2nd Day Favors:
-Donald wanted a Tiger Ruby Bubble
-Resident wanted 1 Golden Camel Handicraft
-Genie wanted 1 Travel’s Cloth–he gave me a new hat 😀

-Resident wanted 3 Crystal Plates
-Resident wanted 1 Blue Thistle

I also made my Level 4 quest outfit and I feel kind of cute:

Plus dropped off other recipes I had (Dishes, Furniture, and the Secret Wand!)

And I made a new dish:

And then, it was time to save Jack.

Unfortunately, I only got one music box (I wish it was an actual furniture item T~T) and I… do not want to do that quest anytime soon so I won’t be having one to keep anytime soon… I made the wand though!:

I still have 3 bonus maps to go which will get me the Pirate Outfit 5, Pirate Sandwich, Pirate Treasure, Caribbean Pie and…another secret wand? recipes, but I think I’ll save those for later.

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! 😀

DLC Entry #2!

So, it’s the first of May which means… new DLC!

Not only did we have a new shirt (Free!):

Casual Pooh T-Shirt

Plus 3 new wands! ($1 each):

Dreamfruit Wand

Striped Tail Wand

Genie Wand

All 3 each have 1,000 Power and can only be used in their respective worlds.

And the Pirates of the Caribbean DLC! ($4) Here are some pictures I’ve taken:

It’s a fairly large world with 2 fishing spots and a few places you can enter. It also comes with tons of new stuff–recipes, clothes, furniture, Captain Jack Sparrow himself, new wands, and over 10 new episodes! Definitely worth it.

And one of my favorite parts due to the ride reference!:

Now to go play! 😀

Nintendo Zone!

So, it seems Nintendo Zone items are going out–like the 7-11 downloads in Japan, this features the Pinocchio set! I do not how long these will be going, but right now, there’s the Pinocchio Doll Outfit Recipe and 2 of each item in the set: Pinocchio Doll Hood, Pinocchio Doll Pumps, and Pinocchio Doll Dress. It’s rather cute:

I can’t wait until more of the set is put out!

Let’s talk DLC! (Episode 1)

So, now that the game is officially out in North America, some DLC is out!

“The Shiny Mickey Headband”

Price: Free! 😀 It’s a little hard to tell, but they actually glow a bit.

“Casual Easter T-Shirt”

Price: Free! 😀

“Seasonal Set Easter” – This comes with a Cheshire Cat Hood Recipe, a Red Rose Potted Plant Recipe, and an extra episode in Wonderland: “Easter Egg Hunt!”

Price: $1

“Mickey Egg & Minnie Egg”

Price: Free! 😀

“Sleeping Beauty Set” – This comes with Aurora Dress, Prince Phillip Attire, Sleeping Woods Wallpaper/Flooring/Ornament, and then the recipes for the Aurora Dress, Prince Phillip Atire Recipe, Sleeping Woods Set Recipe (15 items) and all the food recipes (6 items)

I don’t know which tapestry I like more T~T

Price: $2

And a video showing off the DLC!:

Since I didn’t make everything (and thus, not everything is shown above), I do recommend watching to see everything!

I also made sure to patch my game to version 1.1 <3 Unfortunately, it seems the region locking is still there :/ Which makes me quite sad. Regardless, welcome to all new players!:

P.S. I am now very undecided about my outfit because Aurora’s dress T~T

Note: I received the game early from Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo! 😀